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In Florida, What Is An Elective Share For A Widow Or Widower?

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Can I Use My Will To Name A Guardian For My Young Children?

Video Transcript: One of the great things about a will is that you can use it to establish who you would like to act as your guardian for your minor children. Now you can’t use that, necessarily, to take away the rights of a surviving biological father or mother; but …

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Can I Place My Final Ceremonies Preferences In My Will?

Video Transcript: While you can certainly provide information about your final ceremonies or the disposition of your body in your will, it is certainly not necessary for you to do so. We encourage that it be provided to the attorney so that it is available at the time of person’s …

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What Is An Advance Directive?

Video Transcript: An advance directive is really that interface between the medical world and the legal world. It is legally how you tell your medical providers and other family members who can assist in advising those medical providers of what your wishes are – if you are not otherwise able …

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Will Contests: In Florida, What Are The Damages In A Will Contest Case?

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Will Contests: Who Pays For Attorney Fees?

If I Successfully Bring A Will Contest Case, Does The Estate Pay Attorney’s Fees? Video Transcript: If you are successful in setting aside a will,you have, in essence, provided a benefit to that estate; and a benefit to the court in establishing what was the proper will for that deceased …

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How Can My Homestead Be Subject To Creditor Claims?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains situations where a rightful claim could be made against a homestead in Florida. Video Transcript: Assuming that you have resided in your home for a period of approximately three years and that it meets the definition of the homestead (this deals with a certain size limit if …

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What Happens When A Will Is Declared Invalid Or Void In A Will Contest Case?

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How Can A Will Be Upheld In A Will Contest Case?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains the conditions that would cause a will to be upheld in a will contest case. Transcript: A will can be upheld in a will contest by surviving the attacks that are brought against the will by the contestant. As we know, there are a number …

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What Is Independent Legal Advice Within The Context Of A Will Contest Case?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman elaborates on how independent legal advice is important to will contest cases and who to acquire that advice from. Transcript: In a will contest case, one of the phrases you’ll hear by attorneys (that that are familiar with this kind of work) is they say “it’s …

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