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Avoiding Estate Taxes

Due to the fact that estate laws change so frequently, it can be difficult for Clearwater estate planning attorneys to devise an effective estate plan that minimizes the amount of taxes that an estate may be subjected to. In recent history, only those estates that have high values are subject …

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Estate Plan Considerations

While your Dunedin estate planning attorney can explain that the foundation of any estate plan is to provide a plan for how your property is distributed at your death, he or she can explain that estate plans involve many more principles than this. A Dunedin estate planning lawyer can help …

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Limited and General Financial Power of Attorney Designations

Many estate plans focus on what will happen after the client dies and virtually ignore what financial arrangements should be made during the client’s lifetime. If you would like to appoint another person to be able to make financial decisions on your behalf, a Largo estate planning lawyer can help …

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Legal Requirements for Trusts

If you are interested in creating a trust as part of your estate plan, a Belleair estate planning attorney can discuss the legal formalities that must be executed with trusts. Additionally, your Belleair estate planning attorney can explain that these formalities are the same as those required by individuals who make a …

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Probate Advantages and Disadvantages

While you may have heard many individuals talk about the hideous probate process and the desperate need to avoid them, your Largo estate planning attorney can explain the advantages as well as disadvantages of the probate process. Being more informed on this topic can help you construct a more effective …

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Is it worth it to file an action in FINRA if you’ve been wronged?

In April of 2014, FINRA Dispute Resolution published their Dispute Resolution Statistics detailing things such as how many cases have been filed through April of 2014, the number of cases closed, the turnaround time for cases to go through the system, mediation statistics, yearly volume comparison of cases filed,  arbitration …

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Information to Provide to Your Estate Planning Attorney

Your Largo estate lawyer requires a lot of information in order to help you establish an effective estate plan. This information helps your Largo estate attorney to better understand your financial situation and goals. Your lawyer may ask you to complete a questionnaire or to bring a variety of documents …

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Did you purchase Bitcoins (virtual currency)? You need to read this.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Erik T. Voorhees, a co-owner of two Bitcoin-related websites, for publicly offering shares in two ventures (SatoshiDICE and FeedZeBirds) without registering them. Investors paid for their shares using Bitcoin, a virtual currency that can be used to purchase real world goods and services and …

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Durable Power of Attorney Designations

A durable power of attorney may be one document that your Safety Harbor estate lawyer recommends as part of a comprehensive estate plan. Your Safety Harbor estate attorney can explain the dynamics of this legal designation. General Guidelines Your Safety Harbor estate lawyer can explain that a durable power of …

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An Overview of Estate Planning  

Some people entertain the mistaken belief that estate planning is only for the elderly. However, it is especially necessary for anyone with minor children, assets to protect and anyone who wants to prepare for the future. Your estate plan helps you clearly communicate your wishes in writing through legal documents, …

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