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How Much Is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

Personal Injury Attorneys in Clearwater Florida

It is natural for anyone who has been injured by the negligence of another to want to know how much the case is worth. In legal terms, all that the injured plaintiff has lost will be translated into a dollar amount and considered damages. Although each case is unique, an experienced Clearwater personal injury attorney can provide some general guidelines.

Types of Damages

In general, there are damages designed to compensate the plaintiff for his or her injuries and others which are intended to punish the defendant if his or her behavior was particularly egregious in causing the injury. Furthermore, a Clearwater personal injury attorney can explain that compensatory damages can be divided into economic and non economic components.

Economic Damages

These damages compensate the injured party for such losses as medical expenses and lost income, including future damages. Loss of personal property is also considered among economic damages.

Non-economic Damages

Pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of companionship are deemed as non-economic compensatory damages.

The Injured Party’s Behavior and Damages

Actions the injured plaintiff may or may not have taken can impact his or her recovery. On the issue of liability, in some cases, the plaintiff may share some liability for the incident that caused the injury. Florida is what is considered a pure comparative negligence state, meaning the plaintiff can collect a pro-rated share of the damages no matter how liable the plaintiff is. Also, an injured party is required to do the best he or she can to mitigate damages or the recovery amount could be reduced.

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