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Do I Need A Will If I Am A Senior Citizen?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains if senior citizens need a will and the ways in which creating a will would be helpful.   Video Transcript: If you are senior citizen, it is important that you have a will. Every year that passes, let’s face it, the inevitability of our passage …

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How Can I Investigate The Background Of A Broker?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman shows where to perform a background check on a broker before committing to doing business with one. Video Transcript: If you want to take a look at some of the background of a broker, a good thing to do is go on what’s publicly available through FINRA. FINRA …

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My Investments Were Not Right For Me. What Should I Be Looking For?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains what investment criteria is the most important and what a person should look for when considering buying an investment. Video Transcript: You know, investment choices have to be made based upon suitability. That means that the investments that are recommended to you, have to meet …

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Why Are The Account Documents So Important When Investing?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman describes why obtaining your account documents is important when keeping your investments on track. Video Transcript: The account documents are a road map for your account. It’s how the broker (or financial adviser)’s manager makes sure that whats done in your account complies with what you told …

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What Do I Do If I Am A Victim Of Financial Fraud?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman outlines a few methods to recover from suffering from financial fraud. Video Transcript: There’s a number of opportunities for recovery and redress that victims of financial fraud might have. First of all, if there is a senior citizen involved, you might consider going to the Division of …

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My Broker Said My Mutual Fund Was Rated Triple A or Five Star: What Does That Mean?

Credit ratings are used as indicators of a bond’s creditworthiness by rating organizations, who analyze the financial condition of a bond issuer. There are three major rating organizations in the United States that provide such ratings: Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s Corporation, and Fitch Ratings. Using labels such as …

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Can My Broker Buy Or Sell Something Without Asking Me First?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains when a broker may (or may not) buy or sell on your behalf. Video Transcript: When a broker buys something without your authorization, he is violating one of the most basic rules in the brokerage industry. It’s your money. If you have not authorized that …

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Our Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney on the Settlement Value of Your Case

Our Clearwater personal injury attorney can explain how a settlement value is determined in your personal injury case. He or she may discuss the following information with you regarding this topic. Lawyer’s Input Your lawyer will evaluate the facts and circumstances involved in the case. He or she will then estimate …

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I Was Hit by a Car While Crossing the Street, but I Wasn’t in a Crosswalk

Were you recently hit by a car while crossing a street, but you weren’t currently in a crosswalk? You may believe that you could be at fault. However, drivers are responsible for looking out for pedestrians. Speak with your Clearwater personal injury attorney about how the driver may be liable. Contact a Clearwater …

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Personal Injury Evaluation Explained by a Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyer

The first question you will probably have for a Clearwater personal injury lawyer about your personal injury case is How much is my case worth? The answer to this question depends on several factors you should discuss with your attorney. The question you are really interested in is How much …

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