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In Florida, Are There Any Exceptions To The Statute Of Limitations In A Will Contest Case?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman answers a common question about Statute of Limitations in a Will Contest case. Video Transcript: There are generally two different kinds of exceptions with respect to a will contest in Florida.  One of the things that can happen, is procedurally, the proponent of a will …

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How Can Undue Influence Be Overcome?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman answers a common question about undue influence allegations. Transcript: Undue influence is not easily overcome, but, if indeed there can be established that the person that signed the will understood what they were doing, were properly advised, hopefully by a Florida Attorney, allegations of undue …

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How Do I Protect Myself From Wrong-Doing By A Financial Advisor?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman discusses checking out the background of your financial advisor in order to protect your investments. Transcript: First thing you want to do to protect yourself from wrongdoing by a financial advisor is to check out their background. There are online activities such as the Broker …

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Under Florida Probate Law, What Is Exempt Property?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman answers a common question about probate and what property is exempt. Video Transcript: Exempt property under Florida probate law may be property that does not pass through probate. For instance, an exempt property might be property that passes by virtue of a contract such as …

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What Do Diversification And Asset Allocation Mean?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman discusses diversification and asset allocation. Transcript: Diversification and asset allocation are two of the most important parts to a successful investment portfolio. Diversification means having your assets involved in a number of different industries. People, for instance, who had a lot of investments in the …

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What Should I Consider When Developing A Long Term Care Plan In Florida?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman answers a common question about Long Term Care. Video Transcript: In developing a long-term care plan, an individual needs to look at the assets and what might be available. If long-term high skilled nursing care was required, there are certain circumstances where transfers can be …

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What If My Financial Advisor Does Not Tell Me The Whole Story?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman disccusses how important it is to fully understand your investments. Video Transcript:  This can be a real problem for you and your family, if a financial advisor doesn’t properly tell you all the risks associated with an investment. You could be led into a real problem …

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My Investments Were Not Right For Me. What Should I Be Looking For?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman answers a common question about what investments a person should consider. Transcript: You know investment choices have to be made based upon suitability. That means that the investments that are recommended to you have to meet your requirements, your investment objectives, your risk tolerances. One …

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In Florida, What Are The Statutory Rights Of A Surviving Spouse?

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In Florida, What Is An Elective Share For A Widow Or Widower?

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