Will Contests: Understanding The Statute of Limitations

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Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman details what the “statute of limitations” is in a will contest case and how it can affect the time available to prepare for it. 

Video Transcript:

In order to file a will contest, there are certain limitations that are defined under chapter 95 of the Florida statutes. there are also other sections that can operate to shorten those time frames. It’s important that you seek legal counsel promptly before figuring out which statute of limitations might apply to your case.



Video Transcript:

The statute of limitations in a will contest case can be affected by a number of different situations and circumstances. For instance, if a court has already accepted the will and sent out a notice to you, you may be limited in your ability to seek redress and to contest that case in as little as 90 days. It is important that you seek out legal help as soon as you are aware that there may be the possibility of attacking a will.

Video Transcript:

There are generally two different kinds of exceptions with respect to a will contest in Florida. One of the things that can happen is, procedurally, the proponent of a will may seek to shorten the time frame, within which a contestant may be able to push forward to attack the will. On the other hand there may be ways to extend the statute of limitations, because someone is prevented or otherwise does not reasonably discover the events or circumstances that require the contest of a will.

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