Who Should Be My Executor (Personal Representative) Or Trustee?

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Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman describes what to consider when choosing an executor, a personal representative or trustee when creating a trust. 

Video Transcript:

In the situation of selection of executor or personal representative, we recommend frequently that there be a family member identified in that position. In some circumstances it might be appropriate to bring in a corporate representatives (such as a bank or trust company) to serve in that circumstance if there is no family member available or if the assets are of the size that you do not wish to burden a family member with that undertaking. As far as a trustee, again you want to look at that word “trust”; you have got to trust the person that you appoint as trustee and if the assets are considerable it may also be appropriate to look at establishing a corporate trustee or a corporate co-trustee (who would provide the brainpower) and then the family member would provide the interface with the family for the trust.

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