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I trusted my broker or investment advisor, how could he have put me in such bad investments? Why, you may ask, if Wall Street is so over-regulated, do we repeatedly see widespread wrongdoing by large financial institutions and their representatives? Because it is PROFITABLE for Wall Street. It is the little guys who suffer in lost retirement savings, home foreclosures, bankruptcies. Victims often blame themselves when all they have done is just what the Wall Street firms have encouraged them to do through millions of dollars in advertising “ TRUST US. View the video clip created by the Foundation for PIABA, the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjA1WU4QPUA&sns=em for a perspective on the scope of the problem. PIABA is a national organization whose member attorneys represent defrauded investors in securities litigation or arbitration. Its member attorneys are supported by the collective knowledge shared through various methods to enhance its members’ abilities to represent the little guys against the titans of Wall Street. Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman is one such long-standing member and has represented investors in this arena for over twenty (20) years. If you feel that you have lost money as the result of bad investment advice or other wrongdoing by a broker or brokerage firm, you can contact us for a free consultation at: https://3-19-2021-09-11-58-colemanlaw.local Coleman Law Firm Phone: 866-461-7474 or 727-461-7474 581 South Duncan Avenue, Clearwater, FL  33756 Generally, cases are taken on a contingency-fee basis, such that you do not pay us our attorney fees unless we are successful.

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