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The first question you will probably have for a Clearwater personal injury lawyer about your personal injury case is How much is my case worth? The answer to this question depends on several factors you should discuss with your attorney. The question you are really interested in is How much does the insurance company think my case is worth? Most insurers make ballpark estimates for each claim they receive based on the type of injury and the basic facts involved. The claims supervisor at the insurance company usually designates a certain dollar amount as the reserves for you case (the outside value that they think your case is worth). If your case is particularly serious, this reserve might be equal to the maximum amount of liability set by the insurance policy of the person who caused your injuries.

Further Information Required

Keep in mind that this reserves amount is just an estimate. While you are recovering from your injuries, the insurer will keep track of your medical bills, lost income, and any other losses you can reasonably claim are related to the accident. They will also perform their own investigation of the case and will evaluate the strength of any witnesses and evidence presented, both by your side and by their policyholder. If you were partially responsible for the incident, that will be a factor as well. The insurance company is trying to come to an evaluation as to how much of your injuries are the result of the actions of their policyholder and how much can be attributed to other causes. Keep this in mind while you and your attorney negotiate your claim with them.

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