An Overview of Estate Planning  

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Some people entertain the mistaken belief that estate planning is only for the elderly. However, it is especially necessary for anyone with minor children, assets to protect and anyone who wants to prepare for the future. Your estate plan helps you clearly communicate your wishes in writing through legal documents, including a will, a trust, a living will and powers of attorney. The focus is on helping your loved ones after your passing and protecting them from undue expense or pain. Our Dunedin estate planning lawyer can provide guidance through this process, no matter the size of your estate.

Meeting Your Estate Planning Needs

Our Dunedin estate planning attorney will discuss your goals and work to develop an estate plan tailor-made to meet your needs. We will answer your questions and address your concerns in order to ease your mind as you take care of these matters.

Parts of Estate Planning

The amount of estate planning you need depends on your specific concerns. For example, a will is used to transfer your property to those you designate, such as individuals, charities or businesses. The will also addresses the care of any minor children and usually sets up a trustee to represent you after your death. A living will is used to provide instructions regarding medical treatment if you cannot make your own decisions and generally includes addressing your preferences regarding any life-sustaining methods. A trust is an entity that manages monies and distributes them to one or more beneficiaries. While a will takes time to administer, a trust is immediately effective and avoids the red tape of probate. Our Dunedin estate planning lawyer can address your concerns regarding each of these areas.


Probate settles the decedent’s estate and transfers assets to the correct recipients. It is also the process of legally validating the will. The time frame can take from a few months to many years. Our Dunedin estate planning attorney can provide suggestions on how to minimize this time frame.

If you have questions or need help with organizing your affairs, call our Dunedin estate planning lawyer. Contact the Coleman Law Firm at 727-461-7474 for further information.

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