Introduction To Challenging A Will (AKA Will Contest)

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In this set of videos, Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains what to consider when choosing whether to challenge a will (also known as a “will contest”) in the state of Florida.

Video Transcript:

You have to climb a mountain that’s pretty high, you got to overcome some pretty substantial hurdles; because typically that will has been prepared (hopefully) by a lawyer. If it has not been prepared by a lawyer, you may challenge it for any number of reasons including: the capacity of the individual undue influence, or simply that it’s a forgery, or it was not signed in the appropriate fashion established under Florida law. You’ll need a lawyer to tell you about how to do this properly.


Video Transcript:

In order to challenge a will you need to have standing to do so. That means you have to have some basis, some interest in the outcome of the decision.


Video Transcript:

Typically if you’re going to challenge a will in Florida, you’re looking at a fairly expensive and exhausting process. You need to have counsel, and that council is usually going to need to have experience in challenging wills and other probate litigation types of cases.

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