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When you meet with Tampa FL estate planning lawyers, you may be asked to provide information regarding yourself and your estate needs. Here is a brief list that Tampa FL estate planning attorneys may request of you.

Background Information

Be prepared to provide information that can help identify you, including your name, address and date of birth. Tampa FL estate planning lawyers will also likely ask for your contact information to update you when your documents are in order.


In addition to providing Tampa FL estate planning attorneys with information regarding your assets, also be prepared to provide information about your liabilities. Have your mortgage, credit card debt, business debt and guarantee information ready.

Current State of Affairs

Tampa FL estate planning lawyers need to know whether their clients have taken any other steps to prepare for death or incapacitation. When they prepare clients’ wills, they must expressly revoke other wills, if applicable. Additionally, they will want to know whether the testator has provided for any previous taxable gifts. Your attorney will want to know whether you want to include a trust for minor children or other beneficiaries, as well as the identity of all of your intended beneficiaries. If you have unique estate planning needs, such as making charitable gifts, providing for disabled loved ones or simplifying the probate process, communicate this information to your attorney.

Fiduciary Information

It is important to provide your lawyer with information regarding the individual that you want to help handle your financial affairs. Include contact information for your personal representative, as well as his or her relationship to you. Additionally, provide information for alternate or successor trustees or personal representatives. If you have minor children, discuss who you want to serve as their guardian.

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