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Your Largo estate lawyer requires a lot of information in order to help you establish an effective estate plan. This information helps your Largo estate attorney to better understand your financial situation and goals. Your lawyer may ask you to complete a questionnaire or to bring a variety of documents with you when you first meet with your Largo estate attorney. The following information may be required by your attorney.

Information about You and Your Background

Your Largo estate lawyer may ask you about the following information that is pertinent to you and your background:

Your full legal name
Your mailing and physical address
Your home phone number and your cell phone number
Whether you have lived in another state or country
The country where you are considered a citizen
Your date of birth
Your job

Family Information

Your Largo estate lawyer may ask about your marital and family history. In particular, he or she may ask for the following information:

Your current marital status
Date of your current marriage
Whether you are divorced or widowed
The name of your former spouse
The date of death of your former spouse or the date of divorce
Whether your deceased spouse left a will
State where your former spouse died or where the divorce was granted
Financial requirements listed in the divorce decree
Whether a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is in place
Whether you have any children and their identification
Whether you wish to leave any children out of your will


Your lawyer also needs to know about the types of assets that you have. He or she will likely ask for the different types of financial accounts you have, their location and their relative value. You may be asked to provide information about real property you own, checking accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, business interests, pension plans, trust interests and other assets of significant value.

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