Happy National Puppy Day from Wolfie at the Coleman Law Firm

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Happy National Puppy Day from Wolfie at the Coleman Law Firm

While National Puppy Day is not an official holiday, it can be a bother or super fun day, with a dash of sadness for all of those pups that never found their forever homes.

This “holiday” was created by an animal expert and behaviorist, Collen Paige.  Ms. Paige believed there should be a day to bring awareness to those that abuse puppies that are born into puppy mills that can be so bad that the breeding dogs may never feel the grass beneath their get while playing a game of catch with their family.

I am not sure why some mixed breeds are now considered “designer dogs” and it’s been proven that some people will pay thousands of dollars for dogs that were previously called a “mutt.”  I know there are breeders that just aren’t into it and breed dogs for a quick buck.  With thousands of puppies that are already here and homeless, Puppy Day can also be used to further educate puppy lovers and consider adoption from one of the legitimate adoption centers and shelters.

Whether you’re a child getting your first puppy, or someone older, puppies can be great companions.  Puppies/dogs can be the most loyal companions when you are alone.  People who have one or more pets are statistically more likely to lead happier lives, be healthier, and weigh less than most people who don’t.  Here at the Coleman Law Firm, we have a firm mascot, Wolfie!  (Insert Photo?)

If you really want to celebrate National Puppy Day, you might want to do any one of these suggestions.  Would you like to schedule a Puppy Play Date with you fur baby friends?  From experience, I know that you can’t have too many pictures of you and your pup.  Or, perhaps you might want to stop at a puppy bakery and bring home some goodies for you pup.  You can also stop at a people bakery and bring something home for you, too!  If you like to bake, there are plenty of great treats you can bake at home.

Some pups like to do their own shopping when it comes to new toys.  Many pet shop owners and big box pet stores allow you to bring your dog into their store so you pet can make his/her own selection.

You can celebrate even if you don’t have a puppy of your own.  Local shelters always need things like old sheets and towels, and good food.  If you don’t have anything tangible you can donate, money is always appreciated.  If lots of people give even a little amount of money, it will make a huge difference for those who haven’t found their forever homes.

If you love being around puppies and dogs, consider volunteering.  Those shelter puppies can always use attention from people.

So now that we’ve established that adopting a puppy comes with real benefits, they also come with a life-long responsibility.  Make sure before you say “I do” to that cutie that you have the means to keep that promise.

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