Happy Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

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Happy Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

It seems so hard to believe there are an estimated 27 million or more small businesses in the United States of America.

It takes a special kind of person or couple to want to own their own business.  They will work crazy long hours and be devoted to your business.  We have drifted away from the time when your handshake was your bond, and we think that’s such a shame.  We’re shopping more online than we ever used to, that can be good or bad.  We all know that big box stores are usually cheaper than goods made in the United States.  But, if a person is financially able, choose to use your purchasing power to help a small Mom and Pop business.  

Shopping local small businesses also means that you shouldn’t have to ship your purchase halfway around the world when item needs to be serviced.

Customers should also be aware that advertising for a Mom and Pop business is a huge expense for the business owner.  If you have had a great experience at a small business, you can thank them by telling your family and friends about this business.  Your use of your social media accounts is also another way you can show your support.  Spending that time may not mean that much to you, but it is very important to have favorable ratings.  If you didn’t have a great experience, before you flood your social media accounts with a not-so-good experience, give the business a chance to make you happy.

What else can you do to help?  Purchase a few gift cards and give them to people you think would enjoy shopping there or having a meal.

If you think family or friends may ask you for a recommendation for a small business, start collecting cards and give them to the person that asks for that recommendation.  Most times, a person may tend to forget who you recommended but with a card, there is a much better chance that the small business will be contacted.

Some of the best Mom and Pop businesses are handed down from generation to generation and already enjoy a great reputation.  If there is one thing you can’t buy, it’s your reputation.  

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