Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney Explains What Your Insurer Does

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If you’ve been injured, contact The Coleman Law Firm, specialists in personal injury in Clearwater, Florida, to help you work through the insurance process. Let us help you understand the insurance claims process, so you can protect your rights.

What You Need to Do

After an injury, you should notify the party who injured you, and tell them that you intend to file an insurance claim. You should keep accurate and detailed record of how you were injured (i.e. police reports), the injuries your suffered (i.e. medical records), and your financial losses (documentation that you lost income and medical bills). If you choose, you can then write a formal demand letter to the insurance company requesting compensation based on your own investigation.

What the Insurer Will Do

When the insurance company is first notified of the claim, they will assign a claims adjuster to your file. This adjuster will conduct an investigation of the incident to determine who is at fault, find potential witnesses, examine the scene of the injury, and gather any existing reports of the incident. The adjuster may also request any medical reports from you, and information regarding your medical expenses and time off from work.

Let Our Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney Help You

Filling insurance claims can be time-consuming, and negotiating a pay out can be stressful. Our Clearwater personal injury attorney can work with the insurer to present your case in the best possible light. Most importantly, we can negotiate on your behalf to make sure you are fully compensated for your losses. Call the Coleman Law Firm at (727) 461-7474 for help today.

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