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Will Contests: Understanding Undue Influence

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman describes what ‘undue influence’ means and how it plays a part in a will contest case.  Video Transcript: ‘Undue influence’ is one of the ways that a contestant can seek to have a will set aside. ‘Undue influence’ means that someone improperly affected the deceased person …

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What Does Standing Mean In A Will Contest Case?

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What Proof Do I Need To Successfully Challenge A Will?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains how easily a will contest case can be won or lost and the effect of undue influence on the outcome.  Transcript: The standard of proof in challenging a will is what we call the preponderance of the evidence. This means simply that the scales of …

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Will Contests: Understanding The Burden Of Proof

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman describes how the burden of proof plays a part in probate litigation.  Video Transcript: The burden of proof in a will contest case is that of the preponderance of the evidence, it means that the scales of justice must tip just slightly towards the person who …

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Will Contests: Choosing An Attorney

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains how to choose an attorney for representation when contesting a will in Florida. Video Transcript: In choosing an attorney for a will contest, it’s important that you find someone who has actually handled will contests and disputes involving probate in the past. Not every attorney that prepares …

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Will Contests: Who’s Who When Challenging A Will

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman describes who the key players are in a will contest case, such as the proponent, testator, decedent, and contestant. Video Transcript: In a will contest case, the decedent is the person who is deceased. That’s the person that we’re contesting the will over.   Video Transcript: …

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Will Contests: Understanding The Statute of Limitations

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman details what the “statute of limitations” is in a will contest case and how it can affect the time available to prepare for it.  Video Transcript: In order to file a will contest, there are certain limitations that are defined under chapter 95 of the Florida …

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Are There Ways To Protect My Assets Other Than Using A Trust?

Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman explains alternatives to using a trust when trying to protect your assets. Transcript: There are other ways to protect your assets other than using a trust. These need to be carefully considered so that you can maintain not only the asset protection, but the control …

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Avoiding Estate Taxes

Due to the fact that estate laws change so frequently, it can be difficult for Clearwater estate planning attorneys to devise an effective estate plan that minimizes the amount of taxes that an estate may be subjected to. In recent history, only those estates that have high values are subject …

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An Overview of Estate Planning  

Some people entertain the mistaken belief that estate planning is only for the elderly. However, it is especially necessary for anyone with minor children, assets to protect and anyone who wants to prepare for the future. Your estate plan helps you clearly communicate your wishes in writing through legal documents, …

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