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Planning for Minor Children

It is an unfortunate fact of life: airplanes plummet, trains derail, ships sink and automobiles crash. Sometimes there are survivors, sometimes there are no survivors. What is left when a tragedy claims both parents of minor children? Orphans and assets. Children are a family’s greatest treasure. Think of all the …

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Retirement Plan Tax Traps

Qualified Retirement Plans (QRPs) present some of the most complicated tax and non-tax planning challenges of any asset in an estate, especially for married couples. The failure to make proper Life & Estate Plans for your QRP can unnecessarily enrich the IRS and disinherit loved ones. For many Americans, a …

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Estate Planning 101

Unfortunately, confusion and myth abound when it comes to estate planning. Perhaps that is why so few people actually get around to making such plans at all. What is estate planning? If you were to ask 10 adult Americans this question, you would likely get 10 different answers. Even otherwise …

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Pet Trust Planning 101

Do any of your closest friends have feathers, fins or fur? What will happen to them if you are no longer around? Although it cannot replace you, a Pet Trust can provide your friends with love and care for the rest of their lives. An estimated 500,000 pets are euthanized …

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Elder Law 101

Good news, bad news. The good news is that Americans are living longer than ever. The bad news is that we eventually wear out physically, mentally or both. It is a classic Catch-22. Are you a seasoned citizen (i.e., over age 65), do you care about someone who is, or …

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Common Estate Blunders

Proper estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Every adult American has an estate worth planning, regardless of their net worth. Quick.  When you hear the words estate planning, what mental images do you see?  Do you see beautiful, tanned people with incredible wealth, living in enormous …

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Blended Family Basics

If you are a blended family member, then you are in good company. Blended families now outnumber traditional nuclear families. And the number is likely to grow, based on current divorce statistics and trends. If you are a blended family member, then you are in good company. Blended families now …

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Business Owner Blues

Being a business owner today is both rewarding and challenging, especially if your business is a family business. For business owners facing the unique challenge of transferring ownership of the family business upon retirement, disability or death, a properly funded Buy-Sell Agreement may be the key to survival. Are you …

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Seniors Should Review Their Will

Published by LYNNE BUTLER, Globe and Mail Update People in their 60s and 70s shift the focus of their estate planning away from accumulation of wealth for the first time. They now focus on strategic use and preservation of assets. Until this point, most planning has been for the future. In …

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Did you lose money after your broker encouraged you to invest in real estate investment products to generate income or to diversify your portfolio? It is well known that real estate values have dwindled in America over the past few years.  Regardless, many banks and brokerage firms have continued to …

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