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The Best Way to Mess Up Your Estate Plan

Here are the top five mistakes people make that upend their planning.

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Should I Start Estate Planning Now?

Estate planning is a key piece of a comprehensive retirement plan.

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What Does the Role of Estate Executor Entail?

At some point in your life, there’s a good chance you’ll be tasked with acting as the executor of an estate.

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Can You Refuse an Inheritance?

What happens if you are named an heir in an estate but you don’t want it? Does it go the person’s children if you reject the inheritance?

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How Do I Prepare a Digital Estate Plan?

However, in a world where more and more of our personal information is stored online, it’s also imperative to make a digital estate plan, so your loved ones can access your digital property.

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What to Do with an Inherited IRA?

Some inherited assets are tax-friendly, but under new rules, others come with a hefty tax bill. We help you get the most out of a legacy.

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Estate Planning when So Much Is Uncertain

Taxpayers should, of course, carefully consider whether to engage in a lifetime gifting strategy, which has other considerations beyond just estate taxes (such as the tradeoff with the ‘step‑up’ in basis, and non-tax family related considerations).

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Why Should I Update My Estate Plan?

Estate planning is making decisions today for what you want to happen in the future.

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Do I Need a Living Trust?

What Is a Living Trust?

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Is Estate Planning Really That Important?

Over 50% of our adult population (120 million adults) neither have nor realize the significance of having an up-to-date estate plan to protect themselves and their family’s assets. Mountain Times’ recent article entitled “Do you need an estate plan?” explains that estate and gift planning is a process that can protect you and your family.…

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