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It is our experience that the majority of the victims of securities fraud simply do not take action for a number of reasons.  Such inaction is often the result of uncertainty as to what constitutes securities fraud or uncertainty as to what things brokers can, cannot, or are required to do.  Additionally, we find that many victims of securities fraud are understandably embarrassed or ashamed and often forgo taking action to hide their losses from family members and friends.  Furthermore, many victims of securities fraud may even refrain from taking action because they recall arbitration language in the account paperwork they signed and are intimidated or uncertain as to what steps to take to pursue a claim.

Investments are complicated, so investors often entrust, confide in, and compensate investment professionals to act on their behalf.  Investors, therefore, should expect to be treated by their investment professionals and investment firms in accordance with the high standards imposed upon them by the brokerage securities profession.  Unfortunately, investment professionals and firms often engage in egregious conduct that breaks investors’ trust and confidence, thus leaving investors no choice but to protect themselves.

If you have questions regarding securities fraud and the conduct of your representative and/or investment firm, DO NOT contact the representative or investment firm.  Please contact us at (727) 461-7474 or visit our Investor FAQs page and fill out the Contact form.

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