Can I Treat My Children Differently In My Will?

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Attorney Jeffrey P. Coleman answers the question of whether you can adjust a will to specify differences in children’s inheritance. 


Video Transcript:

Obviously your children are separate and distinct individuals. Because of their particular needs or circumstances you can treat them differently under the terms of your will. To give you an example, imagine that you have a wide spread in the age of your children: your twenty seven-year-old child may not necessarily be in the same situation as your thirteen-year-old. You may feel that it’s important for that thirteen-year-old, who won’t be able to get the benefit of your presence until they reach adulthood, has different needs and different requirements.

Also, you may have a child that suffering from some level of disability; that’s why these things need to be carefully put together by a lawyer.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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